So today I decided  to share something  from  my greatest  style influencer and woman crush everyday,  my mom, Adeyinka Igbani. 

I was so excited  she finally  decided to write this post after I relentlessly pressured her to share her “style story” with us. 

Let me leave you to read the post itself 😘

****************************​Hi everyone,

My name is  Adeyinka Igbani, I’m just 51 and by April next year will be 52, by his grace. When I saw the caption on the tonyeigbani ‘s page, my initial reaction is “who told this babe I want to share anything? ” , peoples general comments however, has made me see it as a task that must be done. 

In as much as I’ll not like to sound clichéd, I can very well say that wanting to appear nice, smart and neat is an innate thing, what with a fashionable mother and a very profoundly fashion conscious father, who could never be caught unawares in the fashion department. My Dad was a tailor (fashion designer) in modern day pallance. If my Dad needed to go to the next door neighbour, you might be tempted to think he’s attending a function (he was always fully dressed, with cap or hat to boot,as the case may be)

As young as 10 years or thereabout, my Dads friends called me  “Iyalode”, if you’re a yoruba and you’re familiar with custom and tradition, you would know that title is no mean title,as I grew older, I had to playfully make them explain why the title, which got the me another one, “amuramarode”, which literally means “someone that gorgeously dresses up regardless of whether she’s going out or not”. So I can conveniently say that the interest in clothes and good grooming just grew in leaps and bounds. In those days of dating, a mans toasting wouldn’t fly except he’s a fine dresser, and let’s just say, he didn’t quite meet the mark, he must be ready to learn good grooming at least! 

Even though I dress as occasion demands, I’ve come to realise that I prefer to dress in smart clothes than in elaborate clothing, when you don’t need me to touch anything, and I mean “anything”, give me traditional clothing. I believe they are “royal” and you adorn yourself with them when your outing calls for them. 

I wear dresses quite sparingly, because I believe they don’t flatter me.

Give me nice cut pants in jeans or other materials, give me a shirt with a nice cut, if you really want to “kill it”, add a blazer, you’ll be my friend forever. These things fit me like crazy! Or what do you think? .

In conclusion, whatever you choose to wear, do me a favour, do not settle for less, don’t manage a stitch that was not well done, don’t manage a dress or whatever clothing whose finishing is shoddy, do not manage a button fixed in a hurry, demand perfection, and it doesn’t have to be costly, get what is due to you with little or no stress, when you’re already known for quality, you won’t have to demand for it to get it, you’ll command it. 

Do not forget however, to top your clothing with nice jewellery, they abound everywhere, and it’s the way you wear yours that really counts. Finish your look with a nice handbag and you see yourself looking hot like a bag of money. 
Details of my outfit. 

Jeans pant is from my shop. 

The tees from the Payporte store. 

My jacket also from the Payporte store. 

My earrings, bangle, ring and wristwatch are from my shop. 

My bag is a Fendi. 
I hope I didn’t bore you!  Cheers.


So there it is, I hope you enjoyed reading this post, maybe there should even be a style influencer series on the blog… What  do you think? 

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Thank you. 

Tonye Igbani. 

Photography  by :@thetonyeigbani