Dyeing Natural hair ( Advice &Tips) 

​hi guys! 

I’ve  been asked a couple of times about dyeing natural  hair and keeping it healthy  so I decided share some tips with you.

People I’ve  also asked “if you say your hair is natural why are you still dyeing it,With chemicals that are not natural? ” the  answer is simple it is my hair and I can do what I like with it. 

I also think natural hair looks great with  hair dye..  Shoot me

Before you even start  thinking of what color and what hair dye to use  the important  question is, is your hair  healthy?  using hair dye on already  weak or damaged hair is the worst thing  you can  do to your hair 

After  the health  of your hair has  been sorted, you can now start thinking  about what dye to use

  • I’ve only ever used dark and lovely and creme of nature  hair  dye,  I prefer creme of nature because I feel like the colour comes out more vibrant and there’s more colour pay off   than in  dark and lovely , I think the advantage of  dark and lovely is it’s less likely  to destroy your hair.
  • I also suggest you do a strand test before dyeing your whole hair,  the procedure is usually written on the package of your dye. 
  • As for colour,  I usually switch between  some form of blonde or  red, I tried a purple dye once and nothing showed , for a colour like purple or blue to show on dark hair you might need to bleach your hair and I personally  feel that the  colour isn’t worth destroying your Hair  for. 
  • I’d  also advice  that  you skip shampooing before dyeing, (I apply oils on my hair before  dyeing  it)  I feel like it creates some barrier between  your hair and the chemicals, the colour may not pay off as much but as I’ve  already  said healthy hair over coloured hair 
  • Also before dyeing  your hair ,do a lot of deep conditioning,  the same thing applies  for after dyeing, my hairs health  is basically  built on deep conditioning.  I may not buy  so many hair products but I always have deep conditioner. 
  • Go slow and steady with  the dyeing process,You may be looking to achieve a particular  colour, but non destructive hair dyeing is a process,  it might take  a number of applications  to get the hair colour you are looking  for,  so I’d  say be patient . I dye my hair  once every  year, I think ,because I’m constantly  bored  with the colour, if you are looking to achieve a particular hair colour,  give your  hair some time to breathe before the next application   maybe a month or two .
  • Use sulfate free and colour preserving shampoos  for your hair,with all the work it takes to achieve that hair colour you definitely don’t want to lose it to your shampoo.
  • The two  colours  I have most recently  used are creme of nature light golden  blonde 9.23 (the colour is very intense,  not for the faint hearted)  and intensive red 7.6.
  • I hope  that  this  post answers most,  if not  all of your hair  dyeing related questions, if there are any other questions feel free to leave them  in the comment  section. I’d answer them as best as I can. 

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21 thoughts on “Dyeing Natural hair ( Advice &Tips) 

  1. Now this is something I really need. Dying my hair next week! But then I might have to think again with your first point. Is my hair healthy enough? I haven’t paid so much attention to it recently. I love the red color though. What reactions did you get when you first dyed your hair? Were they positive??


    1. I’ve basically dyed my hair for most of my life ,so it’s when it’s black that people do a double take,as regards reactions it’s all good. Except you meet your boyfriends mother and she automatically hates you because your hair is blonde or red I.e older people might have a problem with dyed hair.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lol at the boyfriend mum. .I like your hair style, I think it’s an attention grabber from my perspective. Thks for the tips, I know my hair is dry and am due for a trim once that’s settled am off to the hot seat of dyeing. Thks


  3. “Using hair dye on already weak or damaged hair is the worst thing you can do to your hair.” This statement is so true! It is a must to start from a strong foundation to prevent future problems. This is great advice. Your hair is beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

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