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If you read my blog you already know the gist with the “and other stories” category, if you don’t you can read the first and second one here and here

Its like your favorite bloggers monthly recap only better, so this month I’m sharing some thing I’ve learnt /noticed from  last month and maybe this month since this post is coming a little late,to think I was so excited to write my next and other stories last month… Anyway let’s get started

On doing what you love regardless of how many other people are doing it

I’ve not done a lot of stuff because I’m always thinking there are so many people doing it, I want to do something different/be different, but I’ve realized lately that it doesn’t matter how many other people are doing it, if its exactly what you want to do then you should be doing it..  No Excuses..
So you shouldn’t say ” oh I can’t be a fashion blogger” because there are so many other fashion bloggers, or I can’t be a make up artist because there are already so many make up artists… Just do you, do whatever you want, there’s always space for you, you can make your own mark in whatever you choose to do.

Brunches, parties and all
Does anyone know why yoruba parties are so successful?, its simple I’d tell you its”Food!” You can’t throw a good party without good food, because people always remember the food and judge the whole party by the food (I may be speaking only for myself) but if you are going to orgarnise an event make sure the food is not only good but also arrives early… Thank you in advance.

Bloggers and brands:
I wish I had written this earlier when I was still angry, sometimes not speaking when you’re angry is highly overrated
I’ve found that people find it difficult to pay for any form of creativity, I was recently assisting a brand that only wanted to pay in compliments
Brand: “you are beautiful,and your blog Is nice,it’d would be good for you to promote our products on your blog”
me: thank you but how much do you want pay
Then you’d start hearing some cool stories about Exposure.. But can I eat that exposure

So I shared this on facebook


I think we as bloggers and creatives generally have to stop accepting less. I rest my case.

On learning not to judge
You know me not my story: people can seem one way on the outside and be totally different on the inside, you know how people say don’t judge until you’ve heard both sides of the story, I say even after you’ve heard both sides still don’t judge in fact don’t bother to hear any side, except you just like gist like me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚… Moral of the story: don’t judge or form an opinion about someone or something based on hear say. I’m still learning

Twentyfour and Unmarried
In this post I discussed about marriage , and societal pressure and all of that and how even if your parents are not pressuring you to get married your church will,only this past Sunday we had one of those let’s pray for the singles in church and that their husbands will find them, I will not talk about the fact that nobody lines up the single men in church to pray that they find spouses, the prayers for men are about how they’d find good jobs and their businesses will prosper, so its me because I’m a woman that does not need good job and prosperous business…  I’m not angry pray your own let me pray my own.
The people that actually annoy me are the ladies who want to transfer their own family and life pressures to you
Today a fellow sister in the lord called me she was talking about a charity thing that they organised as seed to finding husbands… I guess. then she said “I’m sure you are above 24, and you are more than due for marriage”
“Firstly Sisteh I’m not above 24, and even if I was, I’m more than due for marriage only when I’m ready to marry and I’ve found a man to marry, don’t rub your desperation on me…. Its smelling”. I didn’t say that to her, but that’s what I should have said.

I hope you enjoyed this months stories, there were some other things I wanted to write about, unfortunately i failed to expantiate on them, so I can’t remember what story i wanted to tell,I hope I remember before I’m due to write the next set.

Leave me your comments, thoughts and maybe even suggestions on what to talk about next. I absolutely love to hear from you.

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Thank you and God bless you πŸ™