Moments with Ivmp

A couple of weeks  ago or months ago  I did a shoot with my friend Toni.

  • I’ve  been meaning  to share the photos but somehow  I haven’t  gotten round to doing it, until  now.

  • Toni is a makeup  artist  and photographer,  she’s currently  working on a project called ” moments with ivmp” where she’s giving free makeovers and photoshoot to a 100 women

  • I had an amazing  time working with  her and several other  photographers  on this day, so much so I’m  not even sure who shot what.
  •  I’d leave a link to  the pages of all the photographers present so you can view their works. 

  • If you live in Lagos and you’d like to be part of this project send me an email  at and we would arrange it. 
  • For me there might even be a moment with Ivmp  part 2 because  who doesn’t like free flawless makeup  and awesome photography. 

  • I should also  have an actual outdoor  outfit post for this day tucked somewhere  in my hard drive, I’d  share it as soon as I find it. 

But before then,  I’d  like to hear  your  thoughts on this,  most if not all of the pictures are unedited and straight from the camera… Did I hear you say  amazing! 

  • Share your thoughts  with  me,  follow my social media  pages,  and subscribe  to the blog,  it’s all at the right hand corner of this page. 

Lastly don’t  forget to check out all the photographers that worked on this shoot:

Papishe studios

Ivory Concept (this is the make up artist and photographer all rolled into one,  a bundle of talent and creativity) 

Daven media

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