What I wore : Flower Power

I attended the blogger point blogger brunch last week Saturday, I thought about doing a review/recap of the event but there’s been a lot of that,
So if you are looking for a review you can check here and here


My highlight of the event has to be the talk with Noble Igwe, in minutes I went from being indifferent about him to actually really liking him.
He seemed very down to earth, I liked the whole mixing Igbo while speaking English when he talked about his father.
I definitely enjoyed the talk.
I think the only thing I didn’t really enjoy about the event was the food,all that fish on top of bread, coleslaw on bread etc was nothing to write home about.

So much for not doing a review.


Any who the dress code was floral , and guess what?, I barely own anything with floral prints, except maybe my bedsheets.


I found a dress I liked, but it was too small fat girl problems , so I gave up until the day before the event, and then on the day before I mentioned that I didn’t have anything to wear and my mum gave me this jumpsuit , my mother also doubles up as my fairy god mother like in Cinderella. Lol!
P.s: my mum runs a boutique.

I wanted to add a flower crown but I just thought it would be a little too much, so  I went like that.
What do you think?
I should have added a flower crown, right?


I think I’m going to buy more clothes in floral prints after this, or what do you think?


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I also put up some pictures I took at the event on  @thetonyeigbani insta.

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You can find details of my hairstyle in this post

Thanks to Sogie for taking these pictures

13 thoughts on “What I wore : Flower Power

  1. Aww I missed the event sadly… You actually look nice..I don’t think I own anything floral too lol.. Did you have to pay or what for the event?


  2. Your mum is such a life saver. A flower crown would have been unnecessary your already did itself justice. Nice one πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘


  3. Lovely jumpsuit Tonye. Florals def suites you. Looks like an interesting event, to bad about the food. And your pics on your photography instagram are dope!


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