Xpression collection crochet braid

Hi beautiful people!


I was going to write a review after using this hair,ย  but a lot of people have asked about it so I decided to share asap.
Although this won’t be a review but more of a first impression Post



The hair I used is from the Xpression crochet collection, its called Xpression Curly braid, it was one of the products in the goody bag I got from them
By the way their marketing manager is such a sweet person


The hair was one of the few I kept for myself because I had seen some pictures of other people who used it and I thought ” this is something I could totally rock!”
1) its really soft
2) it doesn’t look too synthetic
3) it has gotten a lot of compliments so far.. Thanks guys
4) it is cheap, I think it costs between 550-1000 naira don’t quote me.
5) You need only 2 packs


But the hair does come with its fair share of palava
1) it can get super rough while trying to separate it, before installing it.
2) I’ve had it on for only four day its getting very tangled, and I can’t comb it, so I’m wasting my leave in conditioner to keep it looking sane.
The struggle is real.
I honestly feel it won’t last long before it becomes a spongy + tangled mess.
I’d update you as time goes on.


but even at it’s current state people are still asking what hair it is. So It’s more good than bad.

I really like the hair, what are your thoughts on it?.
If you happen to try it I want to see pictures please.

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More Xpressionย  hair products
here , here , here and here

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12 thoughts on “Xpression collection crochet braid

  1. This was a well-balance review, thank you for sharing. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Big hair has a way of making one feel powerful, like they can conquer the world. This style suits your beautifully.

    You are right, I’m certain that tangles would make this difficult to maintain as it gets older.


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