African Style :The Dashiki Dresses

Happy New Month my darlings 😘
I’ve been wondering where all the time is going to, its the eight month of the year already!, didn’t we only just say a happy new year not so long ago.


This post was supposed to go up last week but I’ve been busy/lazy … Lol I think its this cool weather I’ve been wanting to just chill, enjoy a hot cup of coffee and maybe watch movies, this is so far from what I’ve been actually doing though. I’ve also been worried that I’m not doing enough with my life but I guess that would come up in my “and other stories” category which I’d be posting soon.


Oh yeah this is my collaboration with Ijenna @unservilefashionist, I was so sure this collaboration wasn’t going to happen because she was really busy with school and then when it did happen she was too busy to post *rolls eyes*


It was definitely a fun shoot, and I enjoyed spending time with her and her cousin who took the pictures, we shot it at the national theater . funny story some of the security people there asked us to pay #3000 before shooting, we eventually priced it down to 200 naira .. Lol! Lagos na wa!


I’m a lover of prints and this danshiki print as I like to call it was a no brainer because of how it comes in so many different colours.


Because I attended the colours and grey blogger forum and I learnt that collaborations should also be about reviewing each others blog I’ve decided to start now:
I like  Ijennas blog content and she’s definitely one to follow if you’re looking for something different from what usual fashion blogs have to offer, her style is different, she thrifts items at ridiculously low prices,has a really helpful photography category, and I’ve also named her the diy queen ,she has very interesting and easy to do diy’s on her blog. You’d love it.


Yes.. So that’s it, I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I hope you love the pictures too.


Please leave me comments and suggestions, just let me know what you think about this post. We slayed this African Style … Yes or yes. Lol!
If you would like us to do something together , please feel free to send me an email at, I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


Thank you for reading.
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Thanks again.
See you soon.



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26 thoughts on “African Style :The Dashiki Dresses

  1. So so soo in love with this theme and the both of you really do look like sisters.
    About those security guards though, nawa. That’s how one time when I was doing a shoot in school they came over and requested for N2000. I jejely left their side. Iranu


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