This is a compilation of my thoughts on a few different things, so if you don’t like one,or you dont agree with one,skip to the nextย  ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜€

1. Why we need feminism
I was watching the Nigerian version of kids say the darndiest things on YouTube a few days ago due to a combination of having too much data,insomnia and just plain joblessness. There’s this young girl from a series that used to show on africa magic I forget what its called on the show she’s smart and has the most intelligent comebacks. Watching kids say the darndiest thing, I learnt she’s just as much of a firecracker when she’s acting as in real life.. I was so pleased.
( oh God I’m starting to think I’m hopeless at narrating things but I’d try)
Anyway there were other kids on the show and there was this particular boy another smart cookie I imagine, just not as smart as the girl because girls are always smarter . so the girl is explaining stuff, she’s outspoken, she’s really intelligent and speaks good English,along the line small boy interrupts her andย  she saysย  ” Excuse me, I’m still speaking”ย  then the boy says ” why are you talking like an American girl?” Haa! So Nigerian girls are not smart and outspoken, so now we have to be American to express ourselves? Ehn? Lol!
Maybe its nothing, maybe its my feminist side taking a simple statement and turning it upside down and inside out ( i mean theyre just kids ),but mummies and daddies teach your kids that a woman’s opinion is just as important as a mans own, that the time when women were only seen but not heard is far gone, teach your girls to speak their mind, and teach your boys to respect that. Thank you.

2. Being single in Lagos and marriage palava
OK ! So I never used to think about this dating and getting married thing my mum always says at the right time, the right person will come so it’s never really crossed my mind especially because my father is a very ” face your studies, make your own money, be great, conquer the world, and so on.. Before you start thinking about marriage,these boys are useless( hmmn papa! Na you know o) so I’m basically under zero pressure,ย  until I startedย  going to church o! And they started praying for single people in the way you pray for a person that’s sick.. Lol .. Every Sunday the singles come out and the church says a prayer for us. So if you are out there, Reach out to me baby boy ๐Ÿ˜‚.
Side note : I’m happy that people on social media are putting pressure on banky w to get married, at least one Nigerian man knows what it feels like. Lol!

3. Foreign Exchange and Buy Nigerian
I have literally stopped buying anything from asos becauseย  I absolutely cannot deal with the current exchange rate, where will I start from , so I decided to look into buying more made in Nigeria things to help the naira o! But things are still so expensive.. My brother, my sister made in Nigeria is not any cheaper in any case I understand that doing business here is not easy, there are so many factors to consider there’s no light, the cost of fuel is now double, tomato is expensive (lol!)ย  and so and so forth… What I dont understand is how and why a Nigerian brand has their prices in dollars /pounds? And not in naira . Explain to me because I don’t get it.

Other things I wonder about is why Nigerians are calling rainy season, summer. Hmmn.

Why is it that nobody knows that there’s a difference between loose and lose?

I’m tired.

I want to know your thoughts on all the things I  have mentioned? If you like this post and you’d like to see more of things like this, please tell me.

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p.s: What is it with this Muslim celebration where they are not killing rams and there’s no party? I don’t like it.