…. And other stories

This is a compilation of my thoughts on a few different things, so if you don’t like one,or you dont agree with one,skip to the next  😊😀

1. Why we need feminism
I was watching the Nigerian version of kids say the darndiest things on YouTube a few days ago due to a combination of having too much data,insomnia and just plain joblessness. There’s this young girl from a series that used to show on africa magic I forget what its called on the show she’s smart and has the most intelligent comebacks. Watching kids say the darndiest thing, I learnt she’s just as much of a firecracker when she’s acting as in real life.. I was so pleased.
( oh God I’m starting to think I’m hopeless at narrating things but I’d try)
Anyway there were other kids on the show and there was this particular boy another smart cookie I imagine, just not as smart as the girl because girls are always smarter . so the girl is explaining stuff, she’s outspoken, she’s really intelligent and speaks good English,along the line small boy interrupts her and  she says  ” Excuse me, I’m still speaking”  then the boy says ” why are you talking like an American girl?” Haa! So Nigerian girls are not smart and outspoken, so now we have to be American to express ourselves? Ehn? Lol!
Maybe its nothing, maybe its my feminist side taking a simple statement and turning it upside down and inside out ( i mean theyre just kids ),but mummies and daddies teach your kids that a woman’s opinion is just as important as a mans own, that the time when women were only seen but not heard is far gone, teach your girls to speak their mind, and teach your boys to respect that. Thank you.

2. Being single in Lagos and marriage palava
OK ! So I never used to think about this dating and getting married thing my mum always says at the right time, the right person will come so it’s never really crossed my mind especially because my father is a very ” face your studies, make your own money, be great, conquer the world, and so on.. Before you start thinking about marriage,these boys are useless( hmmn papa! Na you know o) so I’m basically under zero pressure,  until I started  going to church o! And they started praying for single people in the way you pray for a person that’s sick.. Lol .. Every Sunday the singles come out and the church says a prayer for us. So if you are out there, Reach out to me baby boy 😂.
Side note : I’m happy that people on social media are putting pressure on banky w to get married, at least one Nigerian man knows what it feels like. Lol!

3. Foreign Exchange and Buy Nigerian
I have literally stopped buying anything from asos because  I absolutely cannot deal with the current exchange rate, where will I start from , so I decided to look into buying more made in Nigeria things to help the naira o! But things are still so expensive.. My brother, my sister made in Nigeria is not any cheaper in any case I understand that doing business here is not easy, there are so many factors to consider there’s no light, the cost of fuel is now double, tomato is expensive (lol!)  and so and so forth… What I dont understand is how and why a Nigerian brand has their prices in dollars /pounds? And not in naira . Explain to me because I don’t get it.

Other things I wonder about is why Nigerians are calling rainy season, summer. Hmmn.

Why is it that nobody knows that there’s a difference between loose and lose?

I’m tired.

I want to know your thoughts on all the things I  have mentioned? If you like this post and you’d like to see more of things like this, please tell me.

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Thank you for taking the time out to read this post.

p.s: What is it with this Muslim celebration where they are not killing rams and there’s no party? I don’t like it.

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20 thoughts on “…. And other stories

  1. I agree with PAPA, boys are really useless

    But am beginning to see and get lots of pressure cos I hear more of go and marry than good morning or how are you…….

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    1. Lol! Marriage will not pass you by my sister , I really wish that after you get married the pressure ends but it doesn’t, soon it will be, when are you going to give birth, to when are you going to have a baby boy, when you have kids they’d still tell you your children don’t have home training 😂😂

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  2. Don’t even know which story to talk about first, I might just follow the same order, on feminism, I’ll say this, I’ve been a female all my life, so it’ll be silly of me not to support myself! Flip to marriage “palava”, it’s really not a palava until you make it one! While at it, be careful not to jump into the hands of an abuser (abuse comes in shapes and sizes) just so you know! Fast forward to buying Nigerian, why on earth is the price of ofada rice more than double that of imported rice? Can the government explain this? As a member of the NACCIMA Women in business group (Naworg), we paid a courtesy visit to the Commissioner for Commerce in Lagos State, the visit exposed the fact that even government is still grappling with a lot of these things, and if the government hasn’t found a solution, na me go come get solution or answer? (If you ask me, na who I go ask?) Still want to know why a Nigerian brand is carrying a dollar tag? I can only come up with a guess, with dollar tag, the goods seem cheap!

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    1. *sheds a lone tear for the Nigeria Economy” .. One day e go better 😐
      As for the price seeming cheap as soon as I see foreign currency symbol on any think, I pick up my slippers and run,so it might not be the best idea if other people are like me.

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  3. The bit where they start praying for singles like you’re sick was really funny. I think it’s the society we live in can make it feel like you’re incomplete till you marry.


  4. Yes, yes, more please! Honey, you could have been writing from Ghana, because all these points apply. Hilarious but true post. It’s ridiculous how far some churches take the marriage thing. And as for made in Ghana, I was at a fair on 1st July and the prices I got for some basic quality stuff, I picked up my slippers and run indeed!!

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    1. Thanks Cara! I didn’t know that this also happens in Ghana , its ridiculous . always better to just laugh it off, if not the country would give you hypertension, I hope that things get better. Thank you for reading and for your comment.


  5. Hmm quite relatable indeed. Lol don’t mind these people girls can be smart too. I know I am smart! *flips hair* And the getting married issue is just hilarious. Parents be dropping hints every other day. Still in my late teens and my mum be ‘cracking jokes’. 😄


    1. Lol! I know I’m smart too , I’m joining you in the hair flipping.
      I remember a friend of mine saying her mother keeps talking about finding a husband,at the time we were only eighteen i didn’t believe her initially, turned out it was true. 😂 we will survive.

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  6. Lol as a foodie, I address food first. .I was sad myself when I found out its not compulsory to kill ram 😢 it’s just prayers things but some people that could afford killing did.. Hmmm singles come out in the church is now on the menu like thanksgiving and it’s likes, anyways they say “A closed mouth is a closed destiny ” so carry on single and ready sistas 💃💃 (am not ready tho 💁). All women should read think like a man act like a lady, it just reminds we women who we are and what we deserve and worth..


    1. Hello fellow foodie! Lol
      Yes o it is now on the menu.. I’m not ready yet either, but I’m praying without ceasing.
      I actually tried to read that book and I didn’t like it much #unpopular opinion . thank you for your comment.


  7. I imagined his face as he said “why are you talking like an American girl?” 😀

    SM people are drinking Banky W’s panadol for a headache that he doesn’t even have. Societal expectations can be so demanding, everyone has their own paths as they travel on their life’s journey.

    Lol @ “Lose and Loose” Those spelling errors amuse me- others include Am for I’m, Been for Being etc.

    This FX matter is worthy of several fasting and praying sessions. The price of Mac Ruby Woo has gone up, I now apply mine very carefully.

    I enjoyed this post and would love to see more like this. You could make it “An other stories” series.


    1. Lol! Haa! That Mac ruby woo price particularly worries me , I don’t know what I’d do when mine finishes 😂.
      Yes! Great idea,I’d make it into a series, I hope more inspiration comes, but this is Lagos, I think it will. Thanks Nedu

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  8. I’m just glad somebody else has noticed this lose and loose business. It’s getting so widespread locally and internationally and it’s just plain annoying. On the singles issue, I don’t even know again, this girl is tired. I thoroughly enjoyed the post. 👍


  9. The lose and loose thing is so annoying because I’ve already imagined you are loosening something only to discover you already lost it .. Lol
    I’m tired too my sister. Thank you 😊


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