Essentials for Rainy Season in Nigeria

Hi  guys! You will not believe it, I’ve been oblivious to the fact that its rainy season, I’m usually indoors when its raining and unlike the sunshine of those days that even when you are Indoors it will wake you up in the morning and knock on your window ( I have a guide toContinue reading “Essentials for Rainy Season in Nigeria”

Style & comfort

It’s been said that “beauty is pain”, and I beg to disagree, my style is all about comfort and its the reason why I’d  wear flats rather than heels Block heels rather than stilletos. With the recent athleisure trend, I have absolutely no idea why this is even referred to as a trend since people haveContinue reading “Style & comfort”

Off the shoulder X Overalls

If there’s a trend that should last forever it should be the off shoulder trend .. I think I’m going to start calling it a classic. I paired my off shoulder top with denim overalls, you already I know I’m in love denim and for some reason that I’m yet to figure out I likeContinue reading “Off the shoulder X Overalls”

The Cami dress

Hello  again! 😀 This week I’m here with a Cami strap dress better known as a spaghetti strap dress around here ( I know growing up they were called spaghetti dresses) and I’m here to tell you ,why you should own one They are chic, feminine, versatile ( I believe they can be styled inContinue reading “The Cami dress”

All about the sleeves

Apart from the oh so fabulous off shoulder trend there’s another trend you can’t help but love .. Its the Exaggerated sleeves Sleeves have become bigger, bolder and better, I’m absolutely in love with it, and will definitely hop on it as soon as I find a good tailor and you should too. Here areContinue reading “All about the sleeves”

Casual Fridays

I’m such a denim girl! I immediately gravitate to anything that’s in this fabric , And what’s casual Friday without some denim. I’m wearing an oversized shirt dress, and its the most comfortable thing ever, My visor is from the hdhqv My lucy daves gladiator sandal And a handbag from tae afrika , that happensContinue reading “Casual Fridays”