Janet Noir Collection Tantalizing twist braids

Hi guys!,
How are you?
I hope this week is treating you as well as it should?
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I got a lot of questions, and dm’s about the hair in my previous post  here so I decided to talk about it.


I initially had no plans to, that’s why all the pictures are mostly selfies and phone camera pictures . 


I’m just going to address the questions asked, and if you have any more questions besides the ones I’m answering,leave them in the comment section.


1) Are these crochet braids?
Yes , its crochet braids.


2. What’s the brand name of the braids used?
Its Janet noir collection Tantalizing twist braids ( it’s truly tantalizing.. Lol)


3) does it come in other colours?
Yes it does… Funny story, I was actually searching for the Xpression Nike Senegalese twist when I found this, they cost the same where I got it,but the Janet noir had more varying colours black, purple, blue and a host of others so I picked it instead.


4) How much does it cost?
I’m not sure. I think it was 1200- 1500, I got a couple of other things the day I bought it.


5) How long do the braids stay neat for?
I had mine on for a little above 3 weeks, and I only took it out because my weaving under it had gotten rough..
So I’d say the twist itself lasts for a pretty long while, it could have stayed four weeks or more. The very first picture in this post is just before I took it out.

6) How many packs did I use?
I used 3 packs, but i think you should a little more because I had a few spaces in between that were a little obvious .. I think

7) can the twists be unravelled?
Yes! It can and it looks great unravelled.


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