Janet Noir Collection Tantalizing twist braids

Hi guys!, How are you? I hope this week is treating you as well as it should? It’s Wednesday, and the weekend would be here soon,so keep on keeping on! I got a lot of questions, and dm’s about the hair in my previous post  here so I decided to talk about it. I initiallyContinue reading “Janet Noir Collection Tantalizing twist braids”

Triple Denim Delight

Don’t you just love how you can wear denim and almost automatically nail the cool and edgy look? I sure do. I’m very big on denim (but who isn’t) , so when there was an opportunity to go from double to triple denim I jumped on it.. Lol! Denim on Denim on wait for itContinue reading “Triple Denim Delight”

X- presssion for you

Hello darlings I spent the day at the Xpression showroom, I’m assuming you know Xpression makers of the popular Xpression Ultra braid and rich braid that I’m positive you already use for your braids and weaving.. Yes? I was invited over to make my hair and have a chat with them and it was unexpectedlyContinue reading “X- presssion for you”

21 again

Lol! I’m looking forward to my next years birthday post title now that this one says 21 again… Suggestions welcome. P.s I turn 21 every year since I turned 21 *sips elixir of youth* It’s a new year for me and whether or not I want to,I tend to look back on what the pastContinue reading “21 again”

The Liebster award

Hi! The beautiful @beeeyuteeful nominated me for the liebster award. I enjoy this awards because they provide more insight about the person behind the blog so thanks Epiphany29 For the nomination. The rules of the Liebster award are pretty simple. All you have to do is… * Thank the blogger who nominated you. * DisplayContinue reading “The Liebster award”

Fake it till you make it: Afro kinky Extensions

I only recently discovered that you don’t have to wait a thousand and one years  to reach your hair goals. It took only a few minutes to reach mine after I saw an I.g post where ty belo- pro photographer and  ulimate fro goals, said she adds extensions to her fro.. Wow! I’ve always wondered.Continue reading “Fake it till you make it: Afro kinky Extensions”