Payporte 1k store

Hi guys!
Because I know how drab Mondays can be, especially after having a good weekend or even a weekend where you just stayed home and rested, I decided to share with you something that I hope brightens up your day😊.

You guessed right! Its the payporte 1k store!
Everything on the promotion store is from 1k to a maximum value of  1500 naira.. I think. This promotions runs every Monday.
I buy on Monday, and the things get to me by Thursday or Friday so its like rewarding myself for a stressful week.

Here are a few of the things you can find there:










All for just 1000 naira??? Yes!!

I’ve bought a few things from the 1k store and when they came I was surprised because they were actually good quality.. You’d get to see some of the things in my style post in coming weeks.

Best part is you get to pay on delivery
You can look at what you’re buying before you pay, and if you Dont want it hand it back to the delivery person.
Pay in cash or with a debit card.
And Super saver delivery is free!!!

The only problem I have with the 1k store is for some reason known to only them, they don’t remove the things that are out of stock and you’d click on something you really like and find out its out of stock… So annoying

Besides that.. You get a bang for your buck.

Have a fabulous week!!! 😘😘

P.s: this is not a sponsored post, even though it totally should have been.. Lol!


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