In my lastย  lagos girls guide to.. post I talked about being on the hunt for the perfect primer.
The search hasn’t ended, but here’s a product you might want to try,
Someone suggested it in that post and I decided to try it.
My makeup actually does last longer with the nivea men’s aftershave and also goes on smoother than usual when I use it.
The only downside for me is it doesn’t control oil at all, but that might be because I have really oily skin. I’m working on a better skin routine.

It might actually work well in less humid conditions and for somebody with skin not as oily as mine.

I remembered to write this post because I’m almost suffocating from the Lagos heat and NEPAย  has taken light.. I thought buhari was supposed to perform some magic and put us into a Nigeria with constant electricity,and one naira was supposed to be equal to a pound?.
If you voted buhari raise your hand! Now use that hand to slap yourself.
Lol! I’m joking ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜.


Have you tried this aftershave as primer ? What did you think?
Ifย  you haven’t tried it, what primer do you currently use?. Let’s discuss.