Nivea men’s aftershave as primer


In my last  lagos girls guide to.. post I talked about being on the hunt for the perfect primer.
The search hasn’t ended, but here’s a product you might want to try,
Someone suggested it in that post and I decided to try it.
My makeup actually does last longer with the nivea men’s aftershave and also goes on smoother than usual when I use it.
The only downside for me is it doesn’t control oil at all, but that might be because I have really oily skin. I’m working on a better skin routine.

It might actually work well in less humid conditions and for somebody with skin not as oily as mine.

I remembered to write this post because I’m almost suffocating from the Lagos heat and NEPA  has taken light.. I thought buhari was supposed to perform some magic and put us into a Nigeria with constant electricity,and one naira was supposed to be equal to a pound?.
If you voted buhari raise your hand! Now use that hand to slap yourself.
Lol! I’m joking 😘😘.


Have you tried this aftershave as primer ? What did you think?
If  you haven’t tried it, what primer do you currently use?. Let’s discuss.

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16 thoughts on “Nivea men’s aftershave as primer

  1. You can try the becca matte primer but Rimmel stay matte primer is cheaper and also use a matte fix spray. I have oily skin and it has reduced because I changed my face routine. Invest in a gentle cleansing facial wash to avoid irritation also you should invest in a very good face mask that helps with pores. Then also a toner and apply it to just your oily areas because it can also irritate your skin. And cleanse your face just twice a day.


  2. Hi Tonye,

    I love how ladies are always on the hunt for effective beauty hacks. 😀

    I don’t use coverage products on my face because of the fear of clogging my pores. Pimples will be more than happy to have a village meeting on my face if I mess with my pores.

    Some people use Milk of Magnesia as a primer but Tosin (Africanism Cosmopolitan) just wrote a great article on why that’s not a good idea. It’s very informative-

    Ah! The heat has been unbearable these days, I can’t wait for the rainy season to start. PMB is not a magician o, change is a process not an event. Lol

    Enjoy the rest of the week.

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    1. Hello Nedoux!
      I tried the milk of magnesia a couple of times and it was super effective , but I’d only ever use it on special occasions and not daily.
      People made him sound like a magician,he and his party spoke like they were magicians.I haven’t seen even one positive change in the process, things are supposed to get better not worse. Still hoping.
      Thank you for always dropping by and for the very interesting comments. I’m definitely going to check out the link. Thanks 😘

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  3. Nice review!
    I jumped on this bandwagon too oh, forgetting that we all live in different countries.
    With the way Nigeria is set up, this After Shave Balm will just make you sweat and sweat lol.
    My face and glycerin, nah nah.
    I’m here waiting for the next beauty hack lol.

    Bookie Kunlere


  4. “If you voted buhari raise your hand! Now use that hand to slap yourself.” Lol. That just made me laugh.
    I don’t use a primer but I once got a Lancome serum sample and that makes my skin smooth before applying foundation. I don’t know the price because my sample hasn’t finished. I’m sure it’ll be a bit pricey since it’s Lancome.


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