Sometimes Casual

Hello! I’m so excited! Not just about the weekend but because I found my perfect start to the weekend dress… Yay! The only thing that has stopped me from posting, or even taking pictures of it has been whether or not it’s blog worthy. What even is a blog worthy outfit? I’m actually asking aContinue reading “Sometimes Casual”

Crochet braids deets

Hi !, I hope your week is going very well,thankfully the end of the week is near 😀 and it will soon be time to rest, or party, whichever one you choose. I’ve been getting a lot of compliments,  and questions about the hair I have on, and on someone’s suggestion I decided to putContinue reading “Crochet braids deets”

Weekend Round up

I’m going to begin this post with something not totally related. Why are Nigerians so afraid of pictures? I don’t get shocked when I’m accosted for taking pictures in public places nowadays, I just get really irritated. I totally understand the plight of the Nigerian woman who thinks you want to use her for ritualContinue reading “Weekend Round up”

What Motivates You?

I was recently asked by the people at black bloggers united what motivates me to keep on blogging? I guess my answer was supposed to be something shorter, fortunately I have a lot of motivation and positive energy that keeps me on this journey and this isn’t even the half of it. My answer: ToContinue reading “What Motivates You?”

Eve and Tribe

I’m a big fan of co ords,and I’m sure I’ve mentioned that more than a few times, my reasons are still the same they are super easy because you already have the outfit matched and they can also be worn separately. This outfit is from eve and tribe,and they are a nigerian brand ( I’mContinue reading “Eve and Tribe”