Dee Mako Lagos Blogger Brunch


I was at the Lagos blogger brunch hosted by Desola Mako,so I’m doing sort of a recap of the things I learnt from the event.
These are a few of the things that i learnt,there might have been more said, more advice given but here are some of the one’s I heard when I wasn’t too busy concentrating on my food or smiling lovingly at the zaron goodie bag and engaging in side talk with the people beside me .
So let’s get started:


* Don’t let the fear of being told “no” stop you from asking for anything,when u get a negative response push forward somebody is definitely going to say Yes!
If you want/ need something ask for it, nothing is going to be handed to you if you don’t ask.

* Constantly push yourself, put yourself      out there
* There’s nothing you can’t do or achieve if you put your mind to it
* Hard work, consistency, perseverance are key to success.
* Collaborate with people, its a way of putting yourself out there,work with everybody, no double standards and learn from them.
* Friends that support and believe in you and your dreams are the only friends you need. Be Supportive of other people too.


I think that a lot of this advice applies not only to blogging, but to life generally.


My own advice is: Don’t let the fear of striking out get in your way, the only chances that you miss are those you don’t take at all.
I’m still learning to take advantage of every opportunity and at the very least try, so at the end of the day I’d know I tried.


It was a fun event and it was nice to meet all those  amazing people, I’m looking forward to working with a lot of you.
If you didn’t attend, I hope you find this useful.
And thanks to all the amazing sponsors the goodie bags and giveaways made an already interesting event even more fun.
I’m extremely excited about my full outfit from Titi Belo!!!.
And as always drop your comments, I’d like to know your thoughts, if you have more advice please drop that,if you were at the event and there’s something important I missed pls drop that too.
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21 year old Nigerian. Writing about my personal style, fashion, beauty and life style. Book lover,wine lover,lipstick lover,love lover.

5 thoughts on “Dee Mako Lagos Blogger Brunch

  1. Nice one Tonye 😊; and I really love that quote of yours, “the only chances you miss are those you do not take”. Keep it up dear.


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