Black Friday Deals in Nigeria

This is one thing that I’m definitely glad that Nigerians have jumped on because who doesn’t like 50 % off or more.
Here’s a list of Ten stores with black Friday deals in Nigeria.


Konga as per usual… Konga has started already.

Eve and Tribe I’m personally looking forward to.


Kamokini if you’ve always wanted a kamokini swimsuit/ cover up / kimono this is the time.

Apple Store Nigeria

they’ve already started  and their sales are offline ( Ltv ikeja, almost opposite or is it adjacent to the ikeja city mall)and online .

image for your favorite perfumes.


Yudala offline and online sales

Mall For Africa
I hope somebody finds this useful.
If you know any other store offering a black Friday discount please drop them in the comment section. Thank you in advance.😁

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