The Aso Oke Skirt







Hi darlings!
The best thing ever is being able to mix modern pieces like my lace up front top here, with something that reflects our culture like Ankara prints and aso oke.
This lovely aso oke skirt is from my moms wardrobe.

What is aso oke ?
Aso oke fabric, (Yoruba: Așǫ , pronounced ah-SHAW-okay) is a hand loomed cloth woven by the Yoruba people of western Nigeria. It is woven by both men and women, the fabric is used to make men’s gowns, called Agbada, women’s wrappers, called iro,
Used as iborun placed on the shoulder, and as head wrap known as gele.  men’s hats, called fila.

The aso oke material isn’t ussualy made into a skirt, but this particular aso oke is 10 years old or more, apparently my mom is very fashion forward, like mother like daughther won’t you say?.

This years Lagos fashion and design week 2015 feautured some aso oke.  I kept up with fashion week through my Instagram timeline and a couple of bloggers like
lagosstreetstyle . I like to describe the blog as the gift that keeps on giving. dee mako did a nicely worded critique of some of the shows.
I might just attend next year 😁.
Thanks for stopping by.

Outfit details:
Top: Asos similar here
Skirt: moms wardrobe
Shoe: Asos similar here

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3 thoughts on “The Aso Oke Skirt

  1. I love the creativity behind the aso oke skirt!!! I’ve also played around with aso oke, they are just so pretty! You can check @ladecouture on IG. : -)

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