Product Review : House of Tara Flawless Matte Foundation

I’ve been looking for a new foundation after the black up full coverage foundation I was using finished.

In choosing a new foundation I was considering the weather (the weather is terribly hot in this part of the world), price,I was also looking for a foundation that would last the whole day for about 8 hrs (is that possible?)because I’m too lazy to do regular touch ups through out the day.
I also needed something that would match my Mac studio fix powder, because I use it over my foundation.


The house of Tara foundation  is a light / medium coverage ,and it is totally buildable, so if you need fuller coverage you’d just need to add more.
Its very lightweight in comparison to my black up foundation.


I wear the house of Tara foundation in TM325 and its very true to colour. I think it last about 3hours before it starts to get oily.


How to wear: wear a primer and have a few oil blotting tissues with you and this foundation would be perfect.


I’m wearing the house of Tara foundation in this sunilag.

You can get it at any House of Tara store .
I got mine at the Cosmetics Gallery (Alhaja’s shop) on university road close to Unilag.

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