Weekend Round up

This is actually activity from last weekend, its coming late because you can’t be having a fun weekend and blogging or can you.



Anyway I was at Maison Fahrenheit on Friday, and I’d just go straight to the point because this isn’t exactly a review the place looks really nice, the rooftop is nice too and its a great place for pictures even though I was almost blinded by the sun, the waiters are slow it seems like they need to employ more people, the Maison burger I had was nice, I only wish they had more actual food, it was mostly small chops.
And the cocktails at 3,000 naira are the priciest have seen in Lagos.
Would I go back there?
Yes .. Definitely, I want to try their asun dodo.


Then we went for the woman in bloom art exhibition, which was OK.
I think that people at art exhibitions can be quite horribly pretentious but I hear that’s how to socialize in Lagos now.


Dressing room shenanigans


Being that I have extended my weekends to Monday,
Spur is always a good idea
Average food at very affordable prices, I’m kind of a fan.
Their milkshakes are 440 naira and quite good! Also look out for their weekday deals.

What do people do on weekends in Lagos?.
I’m currently in bed binge watching New girl.

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