Product Review : House of Tara Flawless Matte Foundation

Hello😁!, I’ve been looking for a new foundation after the black up full coverage foundation I was using finished. In choosing a new foundation I was considering the weather (the weather is terribly hot in this part of the world), price,I was also looking for a foundation that would last the whole day for aboutContinue reading “Product Review : House of Tara Flawless Matte Foundation”

Weekend Round up

This is actually activity from last weekend, its coming late because you can’t be having a fun weekend and blogging or can you. Anyway I was at Maison Fahrenheit on Friday, and I’d just go straight to the point because this isn’t exactly a review the place looks really nice, the rooftop is nice tooContinue reading “Weekend Round up”

1st of October!

Happy new month darlings! But most importantly, Happy Independence Day Nigeria! I’m definitely very proud to be a Nigerian, with all of the bad, there’s definitely a whole lot of good. And today I’d like us all,to focus on the positives, for instance how there’s currently electricity as I type this, it might seem smallContinue reading “1st of October!”