Hi everyone, I hope you had an awesome weekend and are ready for what’s possibly the hardest day of the week, Monday!. We all know how difficult even getting up on Mondays can be. Anyway this is workwear inspiration, to help you start off the week in style. Have a fabulous week!! I haven’t beenContinue reading “Mondaze!”

Sass on sass

On Fridays We Wear Prints, Actually we wear prints on any day we feel like it😁, and Friday seems like a good day to. I’m extremely positive full skirts are never going out of style,quote me. I’ve had this particular skirt for years and it has never felt outdated. I wore the top tucked in andContinue reading “Sass on sass”

Lace x Leather

Hello everyone! I’m wearing the top from my aso ebi for my cousins wedding a few weeks back, unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of the full outfit I wore to the wedding because I was busy hustling for food as per usual and taking pictures of the lovely couple and everybody else but myself.Continue reading “Lace x Leather”

Where are all the men in Lagos?

I’ve been hearing/ reading  about how there seems to be a shortage of men in Lagos,I personally don’t think there’s a shortage of men in Lagos, it’s more of a shortage of good men! Well, i read about tinder and I’ve heard a couple of friends talk about it,so I downloaded Tinder. Tinder is a location-basedContinue reading “Where are all the men in Lagos?”

All White + a pop of colour

Hi darlings!, Happy New Month! Last month was filled with a lot of learning for me, but the most important thing I’ve learnt is hope can be difficult but faith in God helps. I’m still learning to completely trust in God and in all his plans for me, even during hard times. How was lastContinue reading “All White + a pop of colour”