I guess a lot of us would agree with this topic, but today, we are going to look at the importance of the little things and how these minute details determine if a man is going to look dapper or not when he’s done dressing.

You can wear the best pressed oxford dress shirt (white, $53), a calvin klein belt (brown, $44.50) with a pair of chinos and the shiniest Hugo Boss Cenerello wingtip shoes (black, $129) and still look like a stunt double for Mr. Bean in whatever acting stuff he is up to these days.
If you didn’t see a problem with the list of things I mentioned above and decide to dress in exactly those items, I bet a lot of people wouldn’t take you seriously for one thing: no matter the prices, the belt and the shoe colors don’t even match.
Some guys wouldn’t bother, but the number one rule of thumb when a guy is dressing up is that your belt and shoes should match colors. And not just colors, but the same shade of that color.
This is a picture of my friend, Carlos. He works as a delivery guy at Nando’s. If you want to look like a delivery guy,feel free to dress like Carlos.


And this is Mr. Claudio. He definitely knows what to do with quality leather (no offence to Carlos).


Socks are also important. I guess a lot of people don’t know that. I didn’t even know until recently. With socks, some people match their shoe color or their pants,although acceptable, its dull, boring and old fashioned (in my opinion). I’d rather match them with my tie, shirt or blazer color because that is more exciting.


The last little thing but not the least is wearing a wrist watch. A lot of guys do this already which is fine,but there’s no point wearing one on your wrist if you are just going to leave it loose like a bracelet. If it has a leather band, try to make sure it matches colour with your other hand accessories.
These few guides  show how important these little things are when dressing up.

Wale  Akinro.