Trend alert || block heeled lace up sandals

Lace up heels are stylish and cool but block heeled lace up sandals are a combination of style,coolness and comfort especially for people like me who consider any heel above 3 inches impractical. I should probably personally send a thank you note to whoever invented block heels and made nonsense of the popular( I don’tContinue reading “Trend alert || block heeled lace up sandals”

Rape culture. A myth?

A friend had a daunting experience recently on a date with a charming young man, it started with drinks, laughter and friendly bantering and the young man asked if she would like to see his apartment. She thought “he’s nice, intelligent, funny and reasonably good looking. Lots of potential for a great relationship, so whyContinue reading “Rape culture. A myth?”

Pretty in pink

Hey, I wore this beautiful pink leopard print jumpsuit and wedge sandals and i had my makeup done proffessionally so a blog shoot was obviously in order. I’m not a huge fan of pink but I had the option of picking between a couple of coloured prints and this colour popped the most. My momsContinue reading “Pretty in pink”