Fifty shades of I’m not sure what.

My greatest discovery this week is the Snapchat discovery button, at least now Snapchat isn’t seeming so pointless. I especially like the cosmopolitan and people magazine one’s. Tried one time to look through the CNN one but I’m not pretentious enough to enjoy it.
It was on the Snapchat discovery button i found out there were people like me who didn’t think Jamie Dornan channelled the Mr Grey we were expecting on screen properly.


I saw the movie 50 shades of grey this week,I can’t remember whether or not I was excited to see it,but I remember not being able to read the book,so I thought the movie would be easier to watch, I’m not entirely sure it was,as someone said  “You simply can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”  asides enjoying the scenes where he bought her new stuff, and the helicopter ride and the incredible movie soundtracks  and not much else.

Also Jamie dornan is cute and all but they could have found someone hotter to play that part, I read the 21 meanest things critics said about jamie dornans fifty shades performance here, I agree with a number of the things they said like how dornans “dominant” couldn’t be any more self-conscious or malleable and how he seems to be forever apologizing for his fetish,I don’t agree with the part where someone said he looks like a hobbit because he’s gorgeous the only thing is he wasn’t bringing much else to the character than his fine face and I also expected a more chiseled body:|😒


The worst thing that has happened with this book/movie is romanticizing violence,I don’t care what Mr Grey was going through.It’s unacceptable whether you are a billionaire or a toilet cleaner.

All in all the movie was okay not so great but it must have been OK for the couples that were already massaging each other in the hall 😱😂;). I can only imagine what went down that night;):roll:.

Till next week.
Tonye Igbani

Your thoughts anyone?

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