Sex and the city


I’ve been watching sex and the city series for a couple of days now and I’m wondering why nobody told me Carrie Bradshaw was/is an idiot before I started watching this thing.
I have no idea how I became so emotionally involved,I love her shoes and clothes and her general sense of style so I thought I’d like her, and I did like her until she started acting like  a less smart version of Olivia pope :(,but wait o Olivia can be very stupid so maybe not.  
Why are all these women choosing               painful, difficult and devastating love when there’s one where he loves you and you love him back and you’re both perfectly happy and he’s not somebody else’s boyfriend or husband. Are women now too afraid to be happy :|😣.



I can’t even begin to understand this problem, but they say “it’s not logic,its love” so I’m going to stop trying to.
I also discovered that Samantha Jones is kind of my spirit animal



I need to be less emotionally involved in this thing.

Happy New Year! I don’t have any new years resolution this year for obvious reasons, but I have started going to church more often i.e since the beginning of the new year! Yay me!

Somebody reminded me of how awesome this blog is so I decided to write something and also to maybe  be committed to this blogging thing and to life.


I’ve started making reference to satc in my real life! Help me! Somebody help!
                              It’s still me,
                                   Tonye Igbani.

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21 year old Nigerian. Writing about my personal style, fashion, beauty and life style. Book lover,wine lover,lipstick lover,love lover.

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