There’s no such thing as an igbo owanbe every owanbe has to be a party by yoruba people.
The owanbe is a yoruba phrase “he/she was there” lagbaja “wan be”
Tamodu nko? “owanbe!”
so igbo people please shift.
You can’t throw parties like us! But you can sit with us if you like.

I’ve attended a lot of owanbes so I basically know enough to write this post.
As a matter fact I was at one today, so yes! I know my onions.

1) carry a big bag, carry the biggest bag in your house whether or not it matches because wetin concern anybody.
For the fashionistas/modern day lady if you’re carrying a small bag fold a paper bag into it.
You need the bag to pack the several souvenirs you are going to be handed whether or not you need them.

2) buy the aso ebi, if u buy the aso ebi you need to carry a bigger bag than the regular person who didn’t buy the aso ebi, some souvenirs are for just people who bought ankara.

3) bring a friend along, the more the merrier, there’s no such thing as gate crashing at an owanbe, especially since the person who invited you would probably be busy, yoruba people employ caterers but forget to employ servers sometimes.
And there’s enough food to go round, if not ,it’s not really an owanbe.

4) get comfortable dancing shoes,You can rent a house in lekki from the money you get sprayed at yoruba parties.

5) wear a comfortable dress that allows you eat as much as you want, I mean you bought a piece of material you most likely didn’t need #asoebibella , paid your tailor, and transported your self to the party and back home,you have to eat enough food to sustain you for days.

6) buy a huge statement necklace or how are we going to know you’re one of the “who is who” in the yoruba social scene or that you are a potential asoebibella.

7)you can bring along take away packs in that your bag I asked you to bring earlier,because you can’t be carrying food in nylon because you are a classy motherfucker.

Hopefully these rules are enough to get you through.
If you are an avid owanbe attender and you have any other suggestions,please let us know in the comment section.

Yours faithfully in this owanbe life.

Published by tonyeigbani

21 year old Nigerian. Writing about my personal style, fashion, beauty and life style. Book lover,wine lover,lipstick lover,love lover.

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