Story of my life… well..not really..

Lol! I don’t know if this is the appropriate age, time, point in my life, whatever,  for having this irrational fear ( I’m only calling this fear irrational because I’m hoping it is) that everybody is going to get married and you’re going to be the only unmarried friend left,it’s almost terrifying .

I think this fear stems from the fact that everybody really is getting married! and all the girls that were about 2 years my senior are either married or married with kids or just have kids already. *cringes*

Does this mean I’d be expected to get married in about two years? Even though I’m still a baby ‘geh’ living my life ?           

God  please help me! I don’t want to be like aunty joy


*I might be doing a lot of short posts like this, because it would probably help me put my thoughts down immediately, I hope that it would also help with my consistency.*

Published by tonyeigbani

21 year old Nigerian. Writing about my personal style, fashion, beauty and life style. Book lover,wine lover,lipstick lover,love lover.

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