Rules of being a sugar baby


I would like it very much if people would not confuse being a sugar baby with a being a runz girl because you know there’s levels to this shii!!! Oh God i sound igbotic! Lol!
A runz girl doesn’t even know how to spell or pronounce runs thats why its called runz instead of runs.
The association of sugar babies are much classier, we do everything with class, we even have business cards sometimes, I have absolutely no idea why am using “we” in this post because if I was a sugar baby I’d be writing this from a chateau in paris, but nah! Anyway maybe it’s this behaviour of wanting to be associated with good things *wink*

The rules

Leave no evidence : don’t post pictures of your sugar daddy or daddies (as the case may be) on instagram, twitter or any other social network for that matter. On the internet you should just be one of those single independent women. God forbid somebody tries to dig into your past.
Know your position: you are a sugar baby you are only there for the sugar.Don’t try and be the wife, if he needed his wife he won’t be with you. Physical combats with the wife is for runz girls. Don’t forget that as a sugar baby, part of
what you offer is a drama-free, simple and fun experience
whenever you are with your sugar daddy.

Be generous share your sugar daddy with other sugar babies afterall there is love in sharing.

Do not fall in love!  He is your sugar “daddy” the emphasis on daddy. U can love your daddy but you can’t be in love with him…I honestly don’t know the difference between loving and being in love with someone but please love and other related words should not be mentioned when you are a sugar baby it’s just so tacky.

make sure your sugar daddy buys you a car otherwise you are an unsuccessful sugar baby a.k.a runz girl a.k.a for all we know you might be fucking for free.

Every amount of money is “just” no matter how ridiculously huge it is
“Just” 10 billion naira? What happened to dollars?

Spend recklessly! Especially on people like me who would never have sugar daddies because we are afraid of getting aids. Besides how would we know you are making it in this sugar baby industry if you don’t spend recklessly.

Do not get aids   

Do not get pregnant otherwise business go end. Anyway you can abort, but I think its safer to avoid pregnancies so you can protect your womb for future use. You can fake a few pregnancies though.

Have at least 3 phones,not   for any particular reason other than “just because…”        
Do not collect recomendation letter, I heard one nigerian multimillionaire gives recommendation letters instead of money and that’s just trash if you ask me.

Make sure your sugar daddies buys you apartments in lekki, ajah, Victoria island, one or two in each of those places you’d need the rent to continue your lifestyle  when your vagina loses its   elasticity, because your vagina would infact eventually lose it’s elasticity no how many tightening creams and soaps you spend money on.

Save for the rainy days just incase your sugar daddy finds a sugar baby with a tighter vagina.

I don’t know how many rules are here because I’m too lazy to count but they’re just enough keep you going in this sugar baby industry.
Additional rules are welcome.
Thank me later.


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21 year old Nigerian. Writing about my personal style, fashion, beauty and life style. Book lover,wine lover,lipstick lover,love lover.

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