Reflecting: mistakes I made this year and other bants :).


I’ve been a little out of it all, but my weekend bants are still always good.

I wrote a list of mistakes I’ve made this year seeing as the year is coming to a glorious end and there are a few things I might need to adjust just a little bit .
I’ve never ever even made new year resolutions, I just think each year I’d try my best to be a better person, but I’m not entirely sure that I do this at all. I’m a good enough person, I think, but whatever, here are a few of the mistakes I think I made this year:
I overanalysed, and I basically overthought everything,and when I wasn’t over analysing and Over thinking everything, I wasn’t analysing or thinking at all. I think I basically need to find a middle ground in my life. Sometimes times I feel too much and other times I dont feel at all . I’ve fallen into too many extremes.                                
I expected too much from some people , it was actually from just one person.  
I didn’t serve God well enough.

I wasn’t particularly dedicated to anything I did, I didn’t properly immerse myself into anything.  

There are many other things I didn’t do but I can’t remember now.
In the end, I hope that putting this down would help me in some kind of way and serve as a reminder of some sort.

Yes! back to my weekend I attended an engagement wearing this outfit by devynstylz and I loved it.

Also attended a wedding at ibadan that was all kinds of hillarious, because ibadan people are funny.
saw the ugliest wedding gowns I’ve seen in my entire life and all the brides at the registry were pregnant.
Ibadan is actually a beautiful place if u like rust .

And here’s what I wore:

Have a great week! Peace, love, rock and roll.

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21 year old Nigerian. Writing about my personal style, fashion, beauty and life style. Book lover,wine lover,lipstick lover,love lover.

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